Boiling Water Resistant Plywood ( BWR Grade ) : IS 303

BWR Grade Plywood is a blend of strength, durability and longevity. It takes extreme care to make Friends Ply to live up to the products promise. It possesses natural strength and dimensional stability. Bonded with MUF Resin, it is highly resistant to weather, moisture, steam or dry heat, as it is made by using core Gurjan & Lucknow Eucalyptus core.

Ideally suitable for high class furniture, wall panels, partitions, cabinets, cupboards, wardrobes.



  • It is an interior grade plywood, that can be used for indoor, semi-outdoor use.

  • BWR is a waterproof plywood. It can resist water better than the Interior grade MR (Moisture resistant) Plywood.
  • MUF resins are used for making. MUF resins means using ‘Melamine Urea Formaldehyde’ adhesive, which is a synthetic plastic resin. This is what gives the plywood its water resistance qualities.
  • BWR grade Plywood is commonly used for meeting those furniture requirements in the home, for furniture, wardrobes panelling etc.., BWR grade is the preferred choice of plywood.
  • The Indian Standards specification number for BWR grade Plywood is IS:303


  • Furniture,
  • Wall panelling and other Interior works.