Calibration Machine

Calibrated plywood bears uniform thickness all across, which is achieved by calibrating it in modern high-end machines. Uniform thickness all around the ply makes it an ideal panel product for use by mechanized automated furniture manufacturers. The users are acknowledging the utilization of this plywood in furniture, beds, kitchen cabinetries, wardrobe and sofas thus boosting the queries of plywood with no thickness variation.

Advantages of Calibrated Plywood:

  • The surface of the plywood is smooth.
  • The plywood is good for making modular kitchen and furniture.
  • The thickness of the plywood is uniform.
  • No unevenness is found in the plywood.
  • The product that is manufactured by using this plywood has many good properties.
  • The plywood has high tolerance so it can be easily used in the kitchens.

Core Composing Machine

This Machine is popularly called a Core Composer or Core Builder. It is used to Join Small Width Veneer and make a Full Sheet of Core Veneer. Both the Edges of the Veneer along the wood Grain are cut and joined without any gap. The Veneer Pieces are held by Polyester thread with Heat Melt Glue.

Advantages of Core Composing Machine:

  • High precise detection, reduce waste.
  • Accurate positioning, and effective control jointing.
  • Special high-strength wire.
  • Improve product longitudinal tensile strength and flexibility.
  • Automatic stacking plywood size.