Flexi Plywood

Flexi Ply is manufactured from Gurjan Core & Gurjan face veneer, a timber which combines special durable properties and gives enduring finishing to all applications.

Flexi Plywood is the first choice for all applications which require bends and curves. It is flexible, user-friendly, and does not need any specialized tool.



  • Useful for making curved surfaces in furniture and for interior decoration (e.g. for enclosing a circular building column with plywood).
  • Is usually made from Gurjan, so the quality of plywood is good.
  • Maintains its new shape (curve) once it has been glued in place, or Veneered or laminated, or when more than one flexi ply sheets are glued together.
  • Much simpler to use than traditional plywood, for creating curves and bends.
  • Available in long grain and cross grain.
  • The size available is from 4 mm to 9 mm.



  • Staircase
  • Office Furniture
  • Chairs
  • Tables
  • Partitions